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Model : 35T
Power Consumption : 50 Watt
Life of Backlit : 50,000 Hrs
Touch Screen : Optional

Special Features :

Eliminates costs by removing pens, paper andmaintenance associated with paper recorders.
Improve productivity through efficient data transfer to PC’s and spreadsheet programs.
Optimize management of recorded information.

Applications :

Omicron has revolutionized the paper recording industry with the introduction of the cost effective HMI Series of paperless recorders with touch screen interface.

OMICRON MAKE Paperless Recorder products serves industrial market requirements for high quality data acquisition and monitoring products and systems. Incorporating the latest in colour LCD technology and data storage media, our range of recorders have always lead the way in this dynamic marketplace.Our data acquisition products are supported by the powerful DAS, a suite of Windows based PC software packages, which provide extensive data analysis, graphing and archiving facilities.

Specifications :

Mounting Method : Panel Flush- mounted. (Std) Material : - Aluminium
Power Supply : 230 VAC / 50 Hz.
Power Consumption : 50 Watt
Input Type : Selectable through front keypad
Burn Out Function : Equipped for T/Cs & RTD
Memory Capacity : 16 MB Max Expandable to 512MB Max (Optional)
Life of Backlit : 50,000 Hrs
Operating Conditions : 0 to 50Deg C & 0 to 80% RH
Printer Port : Optional Parallel Port
Analog Input resolution : 16 Bit
Touch Screen : Optional
EMC Standard : Compiles with EN61326-1& CE approval (optional)
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